Why Nikola Jokić's brother got NBA's attention?

Strahinja Jokić can be seen wearing Nikola Jokić’s jersey

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April 24, 2024
Strahinja Jokić can be seen wearing Nikola Jokić’s jersey. — Reuters
Strahinja Jokić can be seen wearing Nikola Jokić’s jersey. — Reuters

An incident involving a renowned basketball star Nikola Jokić’s brother Strahinja Jokić, caught the attention of the NBA which reportedly took place Monday night after Los Angeles Lakers were crushed by the Denver Nuggets at Ball Arena.

A video that surfaced Tuesday shows Nikola Jokić’s brother Strahinja Jokić jumping down the row and hitting a fan in his head in a stadium full of people.

He can also be seen wearing his brother’s No 15 jersey while he started confronting the man with another person also hitting that man.

The Denver Police Department said that was aware of the video and is investigating the incident, adding that it was not reported to the police.

It remains unclear what led Denver Nuggets player's brother to start acting aggressively. — Reuters

The department said: “No one has come forward as a victim however, we are actively working to identify the person in the video who was struck and encourages anyone who was involved or witnessed this firsthand to contact the Denver Police Department.”

It remains unclear what led the brother of a Denver Nuggets player to start acting aggressively toward that person.

According to a CNN report, Nikola Jokić scored 27 points, grabbed 20 rebounds, and dished 10 assists against the Los Angeles Lakers Monday in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series.

He is also bidding for the third MVP award.