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Sunday Jun 16 2019

Pakistan vs India: Social Media has no chill

India has a 6-0 record against Pakistan in the World Cup matches. 

MANCHESTER: The much-anticipated clash between Pakistan and India at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is in full swing at the Old Trafford Stadium and it looks like any other day fielding isn't favoring the men in green.

Sarfaraz won the toss and decided to field first. However, it seems that the decision backfired as Pakistan had a pretty tough day on the field.

Who missed out Rohit Sharma's run-out? Mark that guy

The ball is getting out of hands, Alas!

Pakistani team might fall down the points table - after losing

Fling Slam! Pakistanis ready to burst out as emotions run high off the pitch too

Pakistan vs India or a Pakistani BirdBox?

Is this how Sarfaraz decided to bowl first?

Well, runs as cheap as Aaloo

Hasan Ali giving away runs like...

Is Sarfaraz Ahmed laughing at the winning hopes of Pakistanis?

Hasan Ali needs immediate repair

Guess who didn't sleep all night?

Colonial Masters, the Deja Vu