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Monday Jul 15 2019
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'Allah was with us,' England's Adil Rashid told skipper Morgan

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England's leg-spinner Adil Rashid told captain Eoin Morgan that the Almighty was with the England cricket team in the final of the Cricket World Cup 2019 Lord's on Sunday.

After one of the closest-ever finishes and the greatest limited-overs matches in the history of cricket, England skipper Morgan was asked whether England team enjoyed the famed luck of the Irish.

Speaking at a post-match press conference, the winning captain responded to the query saying: "I spoke to Adil (England leg-spinner Adil Rashid), he said Allah was definitely with us."

The Irishman also lauded the diverse culture in the England team.

"It actually epitomises our team. Quite diverse backgrounds and cultures and guys grow up in different countries and to actually find humour in the situation we were in at times was pretty cool."

The skipper was proud of his teammates coming from different cultures and religions and giving their best when it mattered for their country.

Leg-spinner Adil Rashid told Morgan that they even had Allah on their side as a country united around these men who have come from all parts to play a fearless, ambitious brand of cricket.

And for Morgan, that diversity was never more evident than under the biggest pressure of a Super Over in the final of a World Cup.

England finally won the game on the boundary count, 27 to 17, after the Super Over also ended in a tie.