PM Imran slams India's Modi, warns UNGA of impending Kashmir 'bloodbath'

PM Imran discusses climate change, gap between rich and poor, Islamophobia before UN

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NEW YORK: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Friday, where he drew world attention to the emerging humanitarian crisis in Indian occupied Kashmir, among other issues.

In his address at the UN headquarters, PM Imran heavily criticised Indian PM Narendra Modi and his party’s ultra-nationalist hardline style of governance.

He said that if the world failed to intervene then the two-nuclear armed nations will come at the brink of war.

The prime minister further said that Pakistan won't have any option in case of war and the entire world will have to face the consequences. 

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Article 370: India flouted 11 UN resolutions, says PM

Speaking on Kashmir, PM Imran said that the issue was the reason he came to the session and speak about what is happening in the occupied valley.

In his address, the PM said that India ended the special status of occupied Kashmir, flouting 11 resolutions of the UN Security Council.

He said that it is the responsibility of the UN to ensure that Kashmiris get their right to self-determination.

Under the guise of ‘Islamic terrorism’ India is inflicting more cruelty on the people of Kashmir, he said.

"There is no other narrative left for India,” said the PM, adding that there is another chance of a Pulwama-like incident to blame and ‘bomb’ Pakistan.

“India must lift this inhuman curfew,” said PM Imran, further saying that 'picked-up persons' from the valley should be released by India.

Due to these issues, eight million people under lockdown in the valley are likely to get radicalised, he said. 

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Climate change

At the beginning of his speech, Prime Minister Imran spoke on the issue of climate change, where he said that this issue is not of a single country but should be dealt with collectively.

“Our country is among the top 10 nations in the world, which are most affected by climate change,” he said.

Pakistan being an agricultural country primarily, derives 80 per cent of its water from glaciers, said the premier, adding that the glaciers are melting at an alarming pace.

“I feel the UN must take leadership in this,” he said, adding that the great powers will have to step up. 

Corruption in poorer countries

The Pakistan prime minister raised the issue of corruption in poorer countries and billions of dollars being siphoned off to richer countries and tax havens.

"Every year, billions of dollars leave the poor countries and go to the rich countries. Billions of dollars are siphoned off from the poor countries. Mr president, this is devastating for the poorer countries," he said.


Speaking on the menace of Islamophobia, the prime minister said that billions of Muslims are living as minorities in the western countries and since 9/11 the rise in Islamophobia is ‘alarming’.

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PM Imran told the UN that there should be an understanding for other faiths, but they are seen as creating division among global population.

“Hijab has become an issue in some countries… it is seen as a weapon,” he said.

“There is no such thing as radical Islam,” said the prime minister, pointing out that all religions have individuals carrying out radical acts.

The premier is currently on a week-long visit to the US, where he has held meetings with US President Donald Trump, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohammad, and others, pressing them to raise the Kashmir issue at UN.

During his discussions with the world leaders, media interaction and speeches, the PM also talked about climate change, solving Afghan imbroglio and crisis in the Gulf region.

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