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Thursday Oct 03 2019
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Salman Khan was reportedly threatened by pair on Facebook

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Two men who threatened Salman Khan, arrested. Photo: National Herald.

In spite of the huge number of fans, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's star status often gets abused by people who resort to violent measures with celebrities to gain benefits.

A similar case recently surfaced when police took two men into custody and learned that the pair had issued threats to the acclaimed Dabangg star.

Citing Chapasani station house officer (SHO), Praveen Kumar, reports indicated that the two men taken into custody for theft and drug-smuggling were identified as Jacky Bishnoi — alias Laurence Babal — and Jagdish.

The pair was stopped by police upon suspicion of driving around in expensive cars, following which it was discovered that they had stolen vehicles for a drug-smuggling operation.

Thereafter, police cases were filed against them.

It was revealed during interrogation that the two had earlier threatened Salman Khan on September 26 on Facebook, with the intention to gain publicity.