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Friday Oct 11 2019
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Saif Ali khan praises daughter Sara for her 'humility' and being 'down to earth'

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Saif Ali Khan with daughter Sara Ali Khan.

Bollywood superstar Saif Ali Khan has said praised his daughter, Sara Ali Khan for her humility, which is one of the things he admires most about her as a person.

Saif — who is promoting his upcoming film Laal Kaptaan — told Bollywood Hungama that he has supported the emerging actor because she is down earth.

“I thought she was really good in Kedarnath and made interesting choices within scenes. The thing I like the most about Sara, not as my daughter but as a personality, is her strong sense of humility and (her) being down to earth that makes me support her and, I think, everyone feels that way,” he said.

In a different interview, the ‘Cocktail’ actor stated that his daughter hasn’t really asked for career advice from him. The only time she did, Saif emphasized that it is important not to put the blame on others if things go wrong.

“She doesn’t really ask me for advice, she did so once when she was doing ‘Kedarnath’. She brought a scene over and we read it together. She called and asked me something about the environment. We discussed how to frame thoughts; about scripts... no. Because these are things on which you have to make your own decisions, because you don’t want to blame other people as you are going to be blamed yourself. It’s easy to blame other people.”

He further talked about the difficult parts of playing his role as Naga Sadhu in Laal Kaptaan.

“The most difficult part was figuring out ‘who this is person is’. There is this monstrous-looking guy who has to do this thing. It’s like a Western — an Italian Western — done in an Indian way, set in an extremely wild period.”

“The time when the East India company is taking over, the Mughal Empire is collapsing... so there were pockets of power and everybody was shifting, fighting... things were changing. Nobody was secure, everything was up in the air, kingdoms and princes were lost and made. Hired guns were riding out. So, if you got guy like that, who is like, I think, part animal, he has to growl and deliver expressions.

"So to find the soul of the character.. to find out what kind of a guy he is, that is the hardest thing." he added.