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Wednesday Dec 04 2019
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Indian filmmaker Daniel Shravan's 'horrifying' advice on dealing with rape

Web Desk
Indian filmmaker Daniel Shradvan's 'horrifying' advice on dealing with rape

Amidst the growing threat of rape in India, a filmmaker has left social media fuming by giving an absurd and 'disgusting' statement on how women should deal with rape. 

Daniel Shravan gave the startling piece of advice on an in-depth social media post which has now been deleted, saying women can ‘easily’ avoid rape by carrying contraceptives with them.

He said that girls need to be given education on rape and how they should not be ‘denying’ sexual favours from men.

"Especially Indian girls should be aware of sex education (carrying condoms and dental dams after age of 18)," he said in the post.

He further added that "government should pass a scheme something like this to control deaths after rape."

The tweet did not, for obvious reasons, sit well with the crowd as social media users unleashed their wrath onto the filmmaker.