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Monday Dec 09 2019
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Shah Rukh Khan extends support for #MeToo giving women a voice to come out

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Shah Rukh Khan extends support for #MeToo giving women a voice to come out

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been a vocal supporter of women empowerment and his latest statement is a nod to just that.

The Zero actor came forth giving his take on the #MeToo movement and saying how the wave may have begun from the West but it has given women in this part of the globe a chance to raise their voice against injustices.

"It started from there... in the West and it gave voice to women to come out and talk about something that may have happened some years back... It gave them enough support to come out with their stories,” said the 54-year-old in an interview given to BBC’s Tom Brook.

"The greatness of this movement is that in the future, we have to accept that people do mistreat women in most fields than not, it has been a conversation everywhere," he added.

"In the cinematic world and media world it has made us a little more aware now. I think the main thing is that people are aware that this is not going to go untouched if somebody behaves in an improper manner," he went on.

"We don't do it in the depth and the seriousness with which one should do it. I would always be a hero in the film, be on the side of empowering a woman but maybe we sometimes lack depth,” he continued.

“But the new wave of cinema, they are regular films and they look at notions and issues like this and deal with them with more depth and seriousness," he continued.

"They mix everything. They take an issue and kind of entertain you so engage and entertain is a big concept, which happens very seldom," he further said. 

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