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Monday Feb 17 2020
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AR Rahman’s daughter has a befitting reply for haters calling her burqa ‘suffocating’

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AR Rahman’s daughter has a befitting reply to haters calling her burqa ‘suffocating’

Indian musician AR Rahman’s daughter Khatija Rahman has retorted back to haters who slammed her choice of clothes. 

The music maestro’s daughter was responding to writer Taslima Nasreen who called the burqa and the face veil ‘suffocating.’

On Monday, she posted pictures with her family, from their Baku vacation, wherein she can be seen wearing a burqa alongside her siblings and father.

Khatija wrote, "Peaceful time with family away from “suffocation” tbt #baku #azerbaijan #livingmylife #beingawayfromhome #beingawayfromnegativepeople #bosslife #bosslady #burqawalisareempowered #respectingmysisterschoices #nobodymesseswithme #singapengal.”

While Khatija can be seen wearing a burqa, her sister Rahima is dressed in black distressed denims and a jacket.

A while back, Khatija faced backlash for her choice of attire, by noted writer Taslima Nasreen, who wrote, “I absolutely love A R Rahman’s music. But whenever i see his dear daughter, i feel suffocated. It is really depressing to learn that even educated women in a cultural family can get brainwashed very easily!”

Khatija addressed this in a new note she wrote.

“Khatija also wrote a new note ahead of posting the family pictures along with a picture of a woman in a burqa. She wrote, “Why the double standards and sudden concerns only when it comes to women belonging to a certain faith? Haven’t we seen men wearing turbans? Women wearing habits ? Why only when it comes to a particular faith are women targeted for the choices they make wholeheartedly and with pride. Why ? Why ? And why ? I simply do not understand,” she said.