Pakistani food, tea is fantastic, says Australian journalist Dennis Freedman

Dennis Freedman says his favorite PSL teams are Quetta Gladiators and Multan Sultans

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Australian journalist Dennis Freedman, who is in Pakistan to cover the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), on Monday took a thinly-veiled jab at neighboring Indian by saying that the Pakistani food and tea was fantastic.

Speaking during Geo Pakistan, Freedman said he still wondered as to how he had become so popular in Pakistan. "I try to engage with the culture and Pakistani people," he said, adding that every minute of every day he was reflecting on his new-found fame. 

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Asked about his previous trip to Pakistan back in 2017, Freedman said he made the decision to come to the country after Pakistan won the 2017 Champions Trophy. "I wanted to get here and explore this place because in the western media, Pakistan has a bad rep," he explained. 

"You know, its caught up with the bad things you hear about Pakistan. We know that, as you are aware.  It dominates the media, and no one is telling the positive story. Especially in Australia, so with the cricket connection, I landed in Karachi," he said.

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"And I thought I’ll just wing it and find the way through and I’m just gonna film like a little YouTube thing and then. .. I had some partners that helped me and we created a documentary called Dennis Does Pakistan. So that goes for 90 minutes," he added. 

"It tells my story from Karachi, Bahawalpur, Multan, Lahore, and Islamabad. I finished in Bani Gala in Imran Khan’s house and interviewed Imran Khan as well," he said. 

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In response to a question about his experiences in Pakistan, Freedman said that had been made to feel safe and welcome everywhere. "The food is fantastic; can I say the tea is fantastic?" he said. 

"I am following the PSL around. My two favorite teams are Quetta Gladiators and Multan Sultans. I am in love with their owners, they are big philanthropists, they are giving back to Pakistan," Freedman noted.