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Friday Mar 27 2020
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Deepika Padukone accuses Katrina Kaif of 'plagiarism' but all in good fun

Web Desk
Sharing the video of Katrina Kaif washing up the dishes, Deepika Padukone said she 'stole her idea'

With the coronavirus pandemic confining most celebrities, as well as the public, inside their homes, fans are getting a glimpse of how the bigwigs are killing all the extra time behind four walls.

While B-Town diva Katrina Kaif has already shown her fans how to sweep the floor and do the dishes, it looks like fans weren’t the only ones inspired by the actor.

Deepika Padukone taking a jab at the Bharat actor mischievously accused her of ‘plagiarism’, as she had also initially thought of doing a dish-washing tutorial.

Sharing the same video of Katrina behind the kitchen sink, busy washing up the dishes, Deepika wrote: “I regret to inform you that Season 1:Episode 5 stands cancelled because @katrinakaif stole my idea!Hmmff!!! #PlagiarismInTheTimeOfCovid19.”

Earlier, Katrina had tried to teach her fans how to wash dishes the ‘professional’ way.

“Since the house helps are also practicing self-isolation, Izzy (sister Isabelle Kaif) and I have decided to take turns to do the washing up. I thought I would do a little professional tutorial,” she said in the video posted on her Instagram.

“First, I was deciding...should I lather each bowl, rinse it and put it in the rack? Then I decided that there was a better way to do it,” she continued.

“Put all the dishes inside the sink, then turn off the water so that you don’t waste it, lather all of them and put them back here. Then, rinse them all,” she added.

Captioning the video, Katrina said: “really makes u appreciate all the help we have at home.”