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Sunday Mar 29 2020
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Sonam Kapoor reveals the real reason why she retuned to India amid COVID-19

Web Desk
Sonam Kapoor reveals the real reason why she retuned to India amid COVID-19. Photo: Free Press Journal

Actor Sonam Kapoor recently arrived back in India with her businessman husband Anand Ahuja soon after the coronavirus outbreak grappled a hold of the population. She and her husband undertook this decision as they wished to be by their parents sides at a crucial time such as this.

During a recent interview, Film Companion’s Anupama Chopra asked Sonam about her decision to return to India amid this pandemic scare. During the course of the interview, she revealed, “I decided to come back to India right before the travel ban was imposed just because my father (actor Anil Kapoor) is 63.”

“He’d hate to say this but he is 63, my mother is 63 as well. We all stay with Anand’s grandmother who is also around 80 years old,” the actor went on to say.

The star admitted, “there was no one actually in my husband’s house just in case something happened to be there and take care of everything. So Anand and I did the responsible thing to fly back even though we were so scared to fly.”

During her flight back home the star witnessed the incredible preventive measures the government was taking to ensure the safety of passengers. Lauding their efforts in handling the situation, Sonam stated, “Everybody is doing their best ..we are together..I’m back in India with my husband and have no symptoms of the virus because we have been not in any countries that have a rampant spread of the virus.”