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Monday Mar 30 2020
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Kapil Sharma opens up about his thoughts on the COVID-19 lockdown

Web Desk
Kapil Sharma believes ‘time passes quickly when you have a child at home’. Photo: Bizaisa

Kapil Sharma appears to be making the best of his time in quarantine, by spending every waking moment with his infant daughter, Anayra.

During a conversation with Hindustan Times, the comedian revealed, "I have been home ever since my daughter was born in December. I would step out only to shoot for my show’s episodes. Now, of course, we aren’t shooting, so staying at home hasn’t really been all that different.”

Kapil has come to realize that this lockdown has provided him with an opportunity to spend time with his wife and daughter for “time passes quickly when you have a child at home.”

During his time at home, the comedian has been consuming online content, has been reading books he never could before, and has even written a stand-up comedy skit.

He stated, “I am happy India has a good control on things and I pray that the lockdown works and helps us get rid of the virus. People should follow it strictly but some of them aren’t taking it seriously as they don’t know the gravity of the situation. Only when our PM said so on TV, that many people realised their mistake. We should learn from countries that were prepared and ones that were not about what to do and what not to do.”

Kapil admitted, “I have observed that earlier I hardly heard birds chirping, but recently, I was glad to hear a Koyal (bird) singing, and even spotted some sparrows near my house." 

Before signing off, Kapil stated, "It felt like kudrat detox kar rahi hai. (it felt like nature was detoxing from us.) We have developed a lot but also in that race we took nature for granted.”