Monday Apr 20 2020
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Amitabh Bachchan was banned by the press for 15 years: Find out why

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Amitabh Bachchan was prohibited to be part of the media for at least 15 years back in 1975

Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan rules over not just the Indian cinema but also a plethora of people over his influence that has surged over the years. 

However, what many may not be aware of is how the actor had his fair share of troubles during his career that spans over several decades.

There was a time when Amitabh was prohibited to be part of the media for at least 15 years back in 1975 when India’s then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed emergency. In the midst of that period, Bachchan, being close to Rajiv Gandhi had reportedly used his power to shut down a magazine as many publications and channels were already getting banned.

Owing to this reason, Bachchan therein started a feud with the media who banned the actor for 15 years.

It wasn’t until 1982 when the superstar got into a major accident on the sets of Coolie which further urged the publication to let bygones be bygones and extend an olive branch with a peace treaty so that a piece can be published on him.

The feud was put to rest officially by BigB later when he made peace with the MD of the magazine after his abysmal performance at the box office.

He had later even opened up about the period on his blog as he wrote: "They banning me was reasonable perhaps from their point of view. Not for me. I took on the challenge to ban them also from my life and have so far not disturbed that stand with certain modifications of course.”

“During that 10-15 year period, they relentlessly negated my presence, deliberately closed information of me by their agencies, and kept me as persona non grata ..! I had my biggest hits and the most interesting films of that time. I fell during 'Coolie' and there seemed to be a genuine concern from the media over my condition.”

"Things warmed up a bit after that and today they have all been acknowledged and accepted,” he added.