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Saturday Jun 06 2020
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Farah Khan vows to ‘do one good deed every day’ amid COVID-19

Web Desk
Farah Khan vows to ‘do one good deed every day’ amid COVID-19. Photo: Zee News

Farah Khan has changed the course of her daily life amid these trying times and has taken it upon herself to aid those who “are going through unimaginable situations.”

According to Hindustan Times, the filmmaker was quoted saying, “I have a simple mantra: I must do one good deed every day.”

From procuring sanitary kits for female police officers to grocery runs, and from mask and water bottle distributions to even taking care of stray animals in the heat of summer, the filmmaker has vowed to give her all.

“Not just me, there are so many people, who want to do good work but don’t know how to do it. But at the same time, I am so proud of my friends such as Sonu Sood, Vikas Khanna and even Shah Rukh [Khan], who is doing amazing work through Meer Foundation.”

“Till date, Anya – who is an animal lover – has done about 150 sketches. It’s nominally priced at Rs 1,000 a sketch but people have paid more as well.”

The money generated from her daughter’s sketches has helped pay for grocery supplies in slum areas of India, the “very impressed” mother claims.

In conclusion, Farah claims, “I’ll continue to do whatever is within my capacity. I lived through a poor childhood. Probably, that’s why I’m empathetic towards people, especially poor. I’ve worked very hard – and also with God’s blessings – to reach where I’m today. So, the idea should be to give back to the needy when you have enough.”