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Saturday Jun 06 2020
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Abhay Deol reminisces upon the mistakes he made in his career

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Abhay Deol reminisces upon the mistakes he made after falling from grace. Photo: India Today

Abhay Deol was previously one of the most well-known names in Indian cinema, however with time it appears the sensation disappeared off the celebrity radar due to past mistakes.

During an interview with HuffPost India, the actor admitted that following a successful launch, he became a bit arrogant and cocky. “I was too bullish on the success behind me. I deluded myself into thinking that now the big players would put their money on me and experiment. Maybe the very expectation that they’d see things my way was my arrogance.”

This attitude ended up becoming his downfall in the end. Abhay claims, “I could have played the game better. And I could have secured myself in a bigger manner. But I did not. And that was my choice. I don’t have any regrets.”

Anurag Kashyap also touched upon the biggest reason why he lost his height in Bollywood, claiming that Deol wanted the best of the best, while riding on the coat tails of his family name.

Kashyap stated, “He wanted to do artistic movies but also wanted the mainstream benefits. The benefits and luxuries of being a ‘Deol’. He would stay in a five-star hotel while the entire crew stayed in Paharganj for a film that was made on a very tight budget. Also the reason a lot of his directors went away from him.”

Not only that but “he wasn’t there to promote Dev D. He dissed the film and crew a lot. He was gone a long time. It was because of something he was grappling with emotionally and personally and never talked about. He also felt betrayed by me about which he has never spoken to me ever.”