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Saturday Jun 06 2020
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Yami Gautam opens up her Bollywood journey

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Yami Gautam opens up on gratitude and her Bollywood journey. Photo: Instagram

Yami Gautam has always been a mindful celebrity, who turns towards nature in an attempt to keep herself grounded. With an eight-year-old Bollywood career under her belt, Yami reflected on her life and admitted to what drives her to accomplish goals in life.

According to a report by IANS, the actress was quoted saying, "If I have to sum up my journey in the industry, I would say that I have a lot of gratitude not just for filmmakers or for certain people who believed in me and my talent, but also for the phase when things didn't turn out the way I planned. I'm very thankful for that phase, too, because it made me more resilient and stronger.”

With each up and down in life she has been granted numerous life lessons. "It helped me hold on my own, be patient. It helped me persevere and have a belief in my talent. A big takeaway has been that if you have talent, potential, and will power, things will pan out the way you feel you deserve. That's why I have lots of gratitude for whatever I have.”

Being a rather extroverted person, Yami has been incorporating mindful activities to keep herself centered. She states, "I have managed to maintain patience and sanity by keeping busy with activity such as yoga, cooking, reading, sketching, watching something, and talking to my family on video calls. I miss being around them.”

During the course of the interview she also touched upon her future in Bollywood, claiming, "The journey is still on and there is so much I'm yet to explore as an actor. There are so many stories and genres I'm yet to explore. There are so many filmmakers and writers I want to work with. There are so many roles I want to sign up for; roles which take you by surprise -- for instance 'Bala' was a surprise for viewers.”