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Monday Jun 08 2020
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YouTube content: Ramiz Raja tells Shoaib Akhtar and others to criticise within limits

Web Desk

Commentator Ramiz Raja, without naming Shoaib Akhtar, has advised former cricketers to err on the side of caution when passing remarks on Youtube and social media.

A number of former cricketers, of whom Raja himself is one, have started their channels on YouTube over the past year or so.

The video hosting site's revenue potential coupled with the site's nonexistent gatekeeping has also given birth to players passing incendiary remarks on their channels.

One such incident took place in April when Akhtar accused PCB of harbouring corrupt players, and also targeted the board's legal adviser Tafazzul Rizvi, who proceeded to file a defamation lawsuit in court and a complaint with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

"Mic is a very powerful medium. It takes just two seconds to pull someone's pants down so we need to be very careful. We need to be respectful and say things that are digestible," Raja said.

Raja said that cricketers must know their boundaries and should not stoop to levels that cause rifts.

He reminded cricketers on YouTube that their living is tied up to airing their views on the game, and if they go too far, that could be taken away from them, which would be their loss and no one else's.

It is pertinent to mention here that Akhtar used to post multiple videos a week on YouTube before the allegedly slanderous video became his last one. He has not posted anything since, which could be due to his looming legal wrangle with Rizvi.