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Saturday Jul 04 2020
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Richa Chadha opens up on her opinions getting politicized

Web Desk
Richa Chadha laid emphasis on maintaining a balance between the two aspects, humour and strength

Bollywood star Richa Chadha in the midst of the pandemic came forth statin that both strength and humour are key ingredients to overcome the isolation blues.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, the 33-year-old laid emphasis on maintaining a balance between the two aspects that are essential in keeping mental health in check.

“I haven’t analysed it that way. My timelines define me. Whatever I feel for or enjoy, I share that. It’s wonderful if I’m being able to put across certain things. We need both serious and fun interactions right now.”

“So many offices, small businesses, studios have shut. People are going out of work. We saw people dying due to hunger. We all must figure out a survival plan for this year at least. I don’t know after all the trouble these migrants faced, if they’d come back to work. If they don’t, how would these factories survive,” Richa said.

She also believes that over the past few years her opinions have been misunderstood.

“Things I say are often politicised without understanding the real intention. Yes, I want to know about the condition of our health system, economy, etc because all these would affect my loved ones too. I’m also a migrant. Since I’m in a better position than many others doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions.”

She further expressed her anger at how the basic social distancing rules are still not being followed: “I also feel like stepping out for a run by the beach or a walk, but I can’t. Every time I go out for grocery shopping, I do tell people to stand apart, wear masks. Forgetting such things in current times can be lethal.”