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Monday Jul 13 2020
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Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Shaheen Bhatt reveals she received rape, death threats online

Web Desk

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt has revealed that she received harassing messages and rape and death threats in the past and warned that she would take legal action against this henceforth.

In a series of posts in her Instagram story, Shaheen Bhatt shared the screenshot of online rape threats and harassment messages.

Shaheen while sharing the screenshot of the hate messages, wrote, “Does this surprise you? Why? It doesn’t surprise me.”

Shaheen warned the users who send her rape threats and hate messages, saying “So, I speak now to those of you who think it’s okay to send me or anyone messages full of hate: if you send me a message with the sole hope (I say hope because I promise you- nothing you say is keeping me up at night) of humiliating, insulting, or bullying me, then the following things will happen:” she continued.

“The messages or comments will first be blocked and reported to Instagram directly. You will forfeit the right to your privacy. I will not protect your identity.

“I will use all legal recourse available to me to take action. If you think you can’t be located because your account is anonymous, please think again- IP addresses are easily trackable. You are not invisible. Harassment is a crime.”