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Thursday Jul 30 2020

'MS Dhoni a better captain than Ricky Ponting', says Shahid Afridi

When asked on Twitter to make his pick, Afridi picked Dhoni and credited the Indian keeper for developing a new team full of young players. Photo:AFP

Former Pakistan Cricket team captain Shahid Afridi on Thursday said that acclaimed batsman and India's former team captain MS Dhoni is a better captain than Australia's Ricky Ponting, crediting the Indian keeper for carving a powerful unit out of pups.

When asked on Twitter to make his pick, Afridi picked Dhoni and said: "I rate Dhoni a bit higher than Ponting as he developed a new team full of young."

Dhoni was seen as a cricketing gentleman in Pakistan and had arguably the largest fan base of any Indian cricketers across the border.

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However, his controversial match-losing innings against England during World Cup 2019 that contributed to Pakistan's exit tainted his image as many, including several former cricketers, saw it as a conspiracy.

Earlier this month, Shahid Afridi had made a startling claim that Indian cricketers have asked for forgiveness from the men in green on multiple occasions after losing the cricket match to Pakistani players.

In an interview with Cric Cast on YouTube, Afridi had said that he has always enjoyed playing against the arch-rivals and on some occasions in which Pakistan dominated, the neighbours extended an apology.

"I have always enjoyed playing against India. I believe we’ve beaten them so much that they used to ask us for forgiveness after the match," Afridi had said.

"I have enjoyed a lot playing against India and Australia, you have more pressure. They are big teams."