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Wednesday Sep 16 2020
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Taapsee Pannu stresses on the need for constructive dialogue to bring about change

Web Desk
Taapsee Pannu talked about caste divide, religious discrimination and a need for constructive dialogue

Bollywood star Taapsee Pannu has become one of the handful voices in the industry encouraging followers to be more socially and politically aware while also remaining accepting and tolerant.

A video of the Thappad star has been making rounds where she speaks about India’s caste divide, religious discrimination and a need for constructive dialogue.

“We have laid foundations of a new India and we will succeed if we keep having dialogues. In search of science, but it is sad that we are stuck in blind faith. There was supposed to be no unemployment in new India, then why did everyone change gears once elections got over?” she said in the video on International Democracy Day.

“Constitution says we are all equals then why are we divided on basis of caste and religion? No one would sleep hungry and everyone will have a house - that’s a fine thought but we first need to eradicate fears from hearts,” she said.

“We taught the world that the everyone is family, why can’t we follow the same? Let us start such a beginning that will start new journeys and make it successful with dialogues,” she added.

Posting the video on her Twitter account, Taapsee wrote: “When you raise questions asking for better for your country it’s not anti national it’s coz you love your country and countrymen beyond all fears. To the Largest Democracy of the world let’s have some #Samwad #internationalDayOfDemocracy @kireetkhurana @climbmedia.”