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Tuesday Nov 10 2020
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MDCAT 2020 syllabus: PMC under fire again as #DelayMDCAT trends on Twitter

Web Desk
Lack of clarity and last minute changes in the syllabus has led students to express their reservation against the MDCAT. Photo: File

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) this year launched the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) to bring in a uniformity in the medical profession.

"The MDCAT is being held to ensure that the aspiring doctors and dentists coming into the health sector have basic minimum academic achievement at the 'point of entry'," according Dr Faisal Sultan, PMs aide on health.

“The reason for this is that you are committing someone for studies for five years and you must know if they will be able to maintain [themselves during course of] studies. This is the MDCAT that you’re familiar with,” explained Dr Sultan.

The SAPM had further said that the difference is that “there will be one MDCAT” which he said will be “uniform so there are no variations and changes and has single credibility”. He added that for public colleges the MDCAT will have “50% weightage”.

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The test is scheduled for November 15 and will be administered by the National University of Medical Sciences.

However, the students appearing for the MDCAT have not taken the decision positively after the syllabus was changed days before the exam.. Furthermore, the lack of clarity has also led the students to express their reservation against the MDCAT. 

With the exam just five days away aspiring doctors and dentists started a trend on Twitter once again urging the PMC  to delay the exam. 

Here's what they are saying on social media: