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Wednesday Nov 18 2020

Chacha Cricket says he is 'alive and well' after death rumours on social media

Sufi Abdul Jalil, better known by his nickname "Chacha Cricket". — Photo:File

Pakistan's famous cricket mascot, 'Chacha Cricket' recorded a video message on Wednesday to shoot down rumours of his death that had gone viral on social media. 

"Death is a reality, it will come and no one will save [me] from it," he says in the video. "Whoever posted my picture on Facebook and spread this fake news [of my death], may Allah give him hidayat (guidance) as well. I am alive and well."

Sufi Abdul Jalil, better known by his nickname "Chacha Cricket" around the world, concluded the short video statement by promising to wave Pakistan's flag in cricket stadiums till he was alive. 

Chacha Cricket is a familiar face to millions of cricket fans in Pakistan and around the world. TV cameras always focus on him, waving Pakistan's flag in the crowd, whenever the green shirts are closing in on an exciting finish or are faced with a difficult challenge. 

He has been a super fan of the Pakistan cricket team for the past 50 years and has traveled around the globe to support the men in green.