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Wednesday Apr 07 2021
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Cancer-stricken Naila Jaffrery asked me to write a play for her: Anwar Maqsood

Web Desk

Famed Pakistani scriptwriter Anwar Maqsood has opened up about the industry's lack of financial security and how cancer-stricken actress Naila Jaffrery turned to him for help.

Speaking to, the 85-year-old spoke over Jaffrery's concerns of the industry not paying royalties to actors whose shows have re-run on TV channels.

In a video message from a hospital, the veteran actress had appealed for royalties from her dramas so that she could pay for her cancer treatment.

Calling the industry "selfish" the Loose Talk host stressed that artists needed to unite and create a fund where the income could be distributed to those artists in need. 

"Artists need to create a fund where they can donate a certain percentage of their earnings to people in the fraternity who may be in need. The industry needs to stop being selfish where every man and woman is scrambling to make individual profits. It needs to get more united," he said. 

He shared his own experience with late star Khalida Riyasat who asked him to write a play for her while she battled with cancer as she needed funds for her treatment.  

"Khalida had called me and told me that she had never worked with me and she wanted me to write a play for her. I then wrote my drama 'Half Plate' and I think that it was Khalida’s acting in it was her most memorable, most outstanding. She passed away 10 days after the drama aired on TV," he said.

He added that now Jeffrery has turned to him with a similar request. 

"Now, Naila has called me and asked me write a play for her. I told her that I will try. May Allah grant her health and a long life."

Soon as Jaffery's video gained traction, Sindh Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities Sardar Ali Shah announced treatment for her at Sindh government’s expense on Monday.

In a statement, the minister said his department would bear all treatment expenses of the veteran actress, who has been battling cancer since 2016.