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Monday May 03 2021
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Raveena Tandon urges Indians to get vaccinated: 'It’s the need of the hour'

Web Desk
'Vaccination is absolutely important, we will be protected, but we can also be carriers,' Raveena said

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon emphasised on getting vaccinated as coronavirus continues to ravage India.

Tandon, who herself has received the first jab of COVID vaccine, said she is miffed at the attitude of people towards it.

“A lot of people are under the misconception that if you’re vaccinated, or have recovered from Covid-19, you’ve got kryptonite. You cannot become a superman. In fact, a lot of people become careless, thinking, ‘Now, we’ve got vaccinated, why do we need to care?’. That’s wrong," she said.

The actress added, "You can still get it, there can be a relapse. Vaccination is absolutely important, we will be protected, but we can also be carriers. Vaccine doesn’t guarantee you 100 percent efficacy but it definitely protects you from a full blown case.”

This “carefree attitude and unawareness” has come at a cost. “I see youngsters in cars without masks… it has become such a risky situation,” she asserted.

Although there is complete lockdown, Tandon said she is happy she has finished all her professional commitments before the restrictions were placed.