Monday Aug 02 2021
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KPL vs BCCI: Shoaib Akhtar wonders what all the fuss is about

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Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. Photo: File
Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. Photo: File

Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar announced he has been appointed as the Peace Ambassador for the upcoming Kashmir Premier League (KPL) Monday amid the KPL's row with the BCCI.   

Shoaib Akhtar, once regarded as the most feared fast bowler in the world, took to Twitter to announce the news.

The Rawalpindi Express wondered what all the fuss is about between the BCCI and the KPL, saying that the main aim of the tournament is to promote peace. 

"Why such a fuss between @kpl_20 & BCCI. It’s about building bridges and promoting peace. Really appreciate all of you for the trend #ShoaibAkhtarPeaceAmbassador. 

"So I'll be joining as Peace Ambassador for KPL," he tweeted. 

BCCI threatens foreign players against joining KPL

Unsettled over the KPL being held in Pakistan, the BCCI had issued a warning to other cricket boards last week for allowing their players to play in the KPL.

Following the threat from the Indian cricket board, several foreign cricketers withdrew from the event which is set to begin on August 6. However, KPL President Arif Malik has said that the tournament will go ahead as scheduled, adding that Pakistani cricketers will participate.

Sources said the Indian board threatened the foreign players through their agents, saying that if they went to Kashmir, the doors of Indian cricket, including the IPL, would be closed for them.

The six foreign cricketers, who have excused themselves from the KPL, are Monty Panesar, Matt Prior, Phil Mustard, Owais Shah, Tenu Best and Monty Panser.

PCB slams BCCI

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Saturday expressed displeasure over reports of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) calling multiple ICC members and forcing them to withdraw their retired cricketers from the Kashmir Premier League.

The PCB believes the BCCI has once again breached international norms and the spirit of the gentleman’s game by interfering in the internal affairs of the ICC members as the KPL has been approved by the PCB, the statement from Pakistan's cricket board had said.

“PCB considers the BCCI has brought the game into disrepute by issuing warnings to multiple ICC members to stop their retired cricketers from featuring in the Kashmir Premier League, further threatening they will not be allowed entry into India for cricket-related work."

Such conduct from the BCCI is completely unacceptable, against the preamble of the Spirit of Cricket, and sets a dangerous precedence, which can neither be tolerated nor ignored, the statement had said.

“The PCB will raise this matter at the appropriate ICC forum and also reserves the right to take any further action that is available to us within the ICC charter.”