Tuesday Aug 17 2021
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Hema Malini recalls 'peaceful' shooting in Afghanistan: 'There was no problem'

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Hema Malini recalls peaceful shooting in Afghanistan: There was no problem

Veteran Indian actor Hema Malini is touching on her 'peaceful' visit to Afghanistan back in 1975.

The star, who at that time was rolling for Dharmatma with Feroz Khan, reveals that her experience with the beautiful city of Kabul was sans chaos and fear.

"The Kabul I knew was so beautiful and my experience there was very nice," she told a leading daily. "We had landed at Kabul Airport, which was at the time as small as the Mumbai airport, and we stayed at a hotel nearby. But eventually, we travelled to locations like Bamiyan and Band-e-Amir for our shooting and while returning back we would see these men with these long kurtas and beards, who looked like Talibanis. At that time Russians were also a force in the Afghanistan," Hema recalled.

Hema shot one of the most iconic songs of her career, Kya Khoob Lagti Ho, in the country.

“There was no problem at that time, it was peaceful and Feroz Khan had managed the whole trip and it was a very well organised shooting. My father had accompanied us to the shoot and when we were passing through Khyber Pass...We were all hungry so we stopped at a dhaba," Hema shed light on her shenanigans.

"Because we were vegetarians, we bought rotis and ate them with onions. Again, I remember seeing similar looking men. They looked very scary but, I think most of them were those kabuliwallahs," she revealed.

Considering the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, the actor expressed her pain for the civilians and touched on her 'fears' for the future of the country.