Friday Aug 20 2021
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Another harassment video sparks anger on social media in Pakistan

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Thousands of women across Pakistan had not yet healed from the Minar-e-Pakistan harassment incident when another video, showing a Pakistani man sexually harassing a woman, went viral on social media. 

Two women, with a child seated between them at the back of a Qingqi rickshaw somewhere in a busy street in Pakistan (many on social media said it was Lahore), can be seen in the video clip. 

The women are visibly disturbed at the sight of a couple of motorcyclists hounding the rickshaw, catcalling and leering at the women. 

One man jumps onto the rickshaw, out of nowhere, and forcibly kisses the woman. Startled, she and the woman beside her scream but no one intervenes. 

One of the women takes her slipper off and threatens to hit a motorcyclist with it. The woman who was harassed, at one point in time, gets extremely upset and tries to leave the rickshaw in despair but is stopped from doing so by her companion. 

The rickshaw appears to be surrounded by men in cars and motorcycles carrying the national flag, which indicates that the incident took place during Independence Day celebrations. 

The video triggered anger and uproar on social media, with many people calling for the government to take strict action against sexual harassers. 

"Where are ALL those men and women who were spitting hate in a Space last night??? Are these women TiKTokers too?? What did they do to invite such behaviour?? Are women safe? Is anyone listening?" asked Asmat Ali Zain. 

"TERRIFYING!" wrote Zainab.

Anger in Pakistan over Minar-e-Pakistan incident

Twitter account @AliRiz24 said: "Thousands r harrased on daily basis. From elite class to these bhukhars all r involved. There is not even a question abt this. Aren't women being harassed in offices. Unis. Colleges markets. Everywhere. Even inside Haram Sharif too."

Syed Bilal Ahmed said it was extremely depressing to see Pakistanis morally degenarating. 

"Not only should men not have conducted themselves in such a manner but it was incumbent on all others to prevent the commission of the offence and report the same," he tweeted. 

Ehtisham Qhan blamed the parents of the hooligan for not teaching them how to treat women. 

"[I] can not see such videos. Makes me really upset while watching these morons, this shows their background and their upbringing," he tweeted.

"Shame on them and their parents as well for not teaching them how to give respect to women," he added. 

Minar-e-Pakistan incident triggers online furore

Pakistanis, especially women, are already on edge after the video clip of a woman being groped, manhandled and sexually harassed at the Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day went viral on social media. 

The woman, a female TikTok star, said men groped her, beat her and tossed her into the air for two-and-a-half hours.

'Is this punishment for being a daughter of Pakistan?': Minar-e-Pakistan victim narrates 2.5-hour ordeal

The episode triggered anger and widespread criticism of the prevalent misogyny in Pakistan after hordes of men of all ages climbed a fence and attacked the woman, as seen in the clip.

The victim told police that men groped her, tore off her clothes, beat her, and tossed her in the air. In addition, they robbed her of Rs15,000, snatched her mobile phone, and took off her gold ring and studs.

Out of hundreds of men, many of who just stood there and even made a video, only one person came to the woman's rescue and helped her get out of the park.

A case was filed against 400 people on the victim's complaint.