Wednesday Nov 24 2021
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Bol: Noori's music video embarks fans on his memorable journey

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Bol: Nooris music video takes fans down his memorable journey
' Bol': Noori's music video takes fans down his memorable journey 

On November 19, Noori released their first video in three years, featuring the iconic crooner Bol from their historic debut album Suno Ke Main Hoon Jawan.

The band’s 18-year-old song Bol now encapsulates their journey that takes the fans into the past beautiful memories.

Mobeen Ansari has directed the video and showcased the band going down the memory lane with archival footage playing between shots of Ali Noor and Ali Hamza’s present selves jamming out to the song in broken down locations.

For all the Noori fans, it is absolutely a delight to watch as they can reminisce through all the good times the band has given in their career which spans more than 25 years.

Mobeen Ansari also took to his YouTube channel to share a video of band members Ali Noor and Ali Hamza talking about their connection with Ansari and the video.

Ali Noor detailed how he has known Ansari for years and has always admired his persistence, which eventually led to this video being shot after 18 years of the song’s release.

“The fact that the fans feel like family evokes a sense of security which is incredible. Thank you to all our fans who have become our family over the years. It’s like I’m swimming in an ocean of love” he remarked.

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