Angelina Jolie 'won't rest' until all kids are adults in Brad Pitt custody battle

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finalised their divorce in 2019

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt cannot seem to let go of each other, even after their scandalous divorce.

The couple, who called it quits in 2019, after seven children are fighting their kids' custody battle to date. Sources suggest the Maleficient star is not positive over a 50/50 share with Pitt. 

“It appears that Angelina is determined that Brad should never get 50/50 custody,” one source familiar with the legal battle told The Post. “And there are some who say that she won’t rest until the kids are legally adults, so Brad will never have shared custody.”

They added: “Angelina makes a constant stream of attacks on Brad. And she deliberately sold her disputed share of their vineyard to a buyer she knew he didn’t want,” a friend of Pitt believes.

Pitt said they had agreed to never sell their respective shares without the other’s permission. He also asked for a trial by jury.

“It’s his baby, he’s very proud of it and he’s put all of the revenue from the business into the vineyard and Miraval studios,” said a Hollywood friend,

“Unfortunately, Angelina sold her part, which was contrary to their agreement, to somebody they had both turned down before,” the friend added, as Pitt had previously said no to a deal with Stoli.