Tuesday Aug 16 2022
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In latest episode, Team Muhafiz takes down street criminals with iron fist

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Video screengrab ISPR and newly released song Dil Fatah Karain.
Video screengrab ISPR and newly released song "Dil Fatah Karain".

The recent episode of Team Muhafiz focuses on one issue that drives fear into the hearts of every Karachiite — street crime. And our heroes never disappoint, do they now?

The episode begins with Aarya and Mahnur taking a stroll through a busy Karachi road, grateful for a day off after weeks of some gruelling crime-fighting assignments. However, crime is always lurking around the corner and just as we think all is hunky dory, a man snatches Mahnur’s purse and runs away with it.

Not to be outdone, Mahnur and Aarya chase the robber through narrow alleys until he’s cornered in one. Mahnur retrieves her phone but the team is troubled, and rightly so. 

At the Team Muhafiz Youth Centre, the team discusses Karachi’s rising street crimes despite Rawka wearing the prison stripes.

Under the able guidance of Farman, the team arrives at the conclusion that the surge in street crimes is the criminals’ way of hitting back at Team Muhafiz — they’re out for vengeance. The team decides to get to the bottom of the issue.

Badshah Khan works his tech magic to uncover the city’s crime hotspots. The team hatches a plan. Parinaaz (with the most expensive phone in the entire team) will lure a street criminal her way. The unsuspecting robber will lead the team to their hideout, where Team Muhafiz will save the day with some old-fashioned whooping.

All goes according to plan as the street robber shows up on a motorbike and snatches the phone from Parinaaz’s hands. The team follows behind and a hot car chase ensues. 

As Team Muhafiz closes in, Zane (the driver) comes to the realisation that the van (more like a piece of metal scrap) has malfunctioned. The team gasps in horror as he manages to avert a massive disaster by slamming the breaks just in time for the vehicle (and all its occupants) to not split in two.

The robber taunts our heroes and speeds away, evading punishment. Or so he thinks. Badshah Khan rises to the occasion and continues tracking the phone, ultimately revealing the hideout’s location.

Our heroes arrive at the hideout just as the robber tries to dispose off the sim in an attempt to throw Team Muhafiz off his scent. Too late, fella. The team barges in and like so many times before beats the villains black and blue.

Hold on, though. If you thought the episode would end just like that, you have another thing coming. Our “all is well that ends well” space gets abrupted by a climax — as it has so many times before in this show — leaving us wanting for more. Addu Kan Katy receives a phone call from a sinister villain, Seth Riz, who informs him that he has many Rawkas out there who can carry out his subversive plans to sabotage peace in Pakistan.

He then informs Addu Kan Katy that he’s been promoted to Rawka’s position, and his first assignment (GASP) is to sabotage the launch of a fifth-generation Pakistan-China fighter aircraft!

Will Addu prove to be a more heinous villain than Rawka or will he fail in his mission to sabotage Pakistan’s air defence capabilities? What will the next episode mean for our heroes? Is our country in peril?