Varun Dhawan slams netizens for trolling him on lifting Gigi Hadid at NMACC

Netizens troll Varun Dhawan for lifting Gigi 'without consent'

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Netizens troll Varun Dhawan for lifting Gigi without consent
Netizens troll Varun Dhawan for lifting Gigi 'without consent'

At Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Day 2, Varun Dhawan lifted up famous American model Gigi Hadid in his arms during his performance which has left the internet divided.

Netizens are now trolling him for picking up a girl like that without her consent. They are calling the act disgusting.

One of the social media users wrote: “If you are a woman, you are not safe anywhere with anyone. Even if you are Gigi Hadid, invited to a party with an “elite" crowd, guys like Varun Dhawan will randomly pick you up and kiss you without your consent, all in the name of fun. Disgusting.”

The actor, after watching all the trolls on internet, came forward and broke his silence over the matter.

He tweeted in response: “I guess today you woke up and decided to be woke. So lemme burst ur bubble and tell u it was planned for her to be on stage so find a new Twitter cause to vent about rather then going out and doing something about things. Good morning.”

NMACC was a star-studded festival with not Bollywood stars attending it, but many international artists were also part of the Gala. Apart from Gigi, Zendaya, Nick Jonas, Tom Holland and Penelope Cruz also attended the Gala.