Friday, April 14, 2023
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Ailing Noor Jehan's condition 'critical' after she falls into concrete pond

Safari Park Director Kanwar Ayub says Noor Jehan is facing difficulty in getting up due to pain in her hind legs

  • Noor Jehan had to be pulled out of the pond with help of crane.
  • Director says elephant is being treated under instructions given by foreign doctors.
  • Reports say Noor Jehan is "badly injured and lifeless".

Seventeen-year-old elephant Noor Jehan, who recently underwent successful surgery by a team of foreign doctors, fell into a concrete pond which further worsened her condition. 

The unfortunate incident happened on Thursday after which the elephant had to be pulled out of the pond with the help of a crane, said Safari Park Director Kanwar Ayub on Friday. 

According to the director, Noor Jehan is facing difficulty in getting up due to pain in her hind legs. He added that the elephant is being treated under instructions given by foreign doctors

As per the reports by JFK Animal and Rescue Shelter, Noor Jehan is "badly injured and lifeless" as the recommendations given by Four Paws for her comfort and diet were not followed. 

A team of veterinarians and wildlife experts from the global animal welfare organisation Four Paws examined Noor Jehan on April 5, who was in poor health at Karachi Zoo.

In a statement after the examination, the organisation said that as planned, the team, together with the support of the caretakers from the zoo, fixated and stabilised Noor Jehan with ropes carried by a crane.

During the examination, the experts identified an internal hematoma and a damaged pelvic floor as the main sources of her pain and physical distress. They provided immediate pain relief treatments and further recommendations for Noor Jehan’s rehabilitation.

Noor Jehan’s suffering began with limping and deteriorated quickly to a worrying condition that left her partially paralysed.

Following outrage from civil society, Noor Jehan’s deteriorating condition came into the foreground. Eventually, experts from Four Paws were called by the zoo officials as the treatment and special equipment needed to treat Noor Jehan were not available in Pakistan.

The medical procedures to determine Noor Jehan’s condition and further treatment included an ultrasound examination and additional laboratory tests.

To provide immediate relief for the suffering elephant, the team applied medications, vitamins, painkillers, and hydrotherapy, after identifying the cause of her serious condition.

Doctor are doing another procedure in which Noor Jehan has been treated with drip of vitamin to make her stable. Government of Sindh has also formed a team of doctors to facilitate the zoo administration. 

Abbasi Shaheed Hospital has also sent medicines for the elephant. Next three days are going to be critical.