Ali Fazal shares bts pics of 'Kandhar' with Gerard Butler

Ali Fazal is going to play Kahil in 'Kandhar'

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Ali Fazal is going to play Kahil in Kandhar
Ali Fazal is going to play Kahil in 'Kandhar'

Ali Fazal, who has just shot another Hollywood film Kandhar with Gerard Butler, shared pictures from behind the scenes of the film.

Ali, along with the pictures, also wrote a heartwarming note thanking the cast and crew of Kandhar including co-star Gerard and director Ric Roman Waugh.

The Mirzapur actor wrote: “Behind some greatness is always a director orchestrating it all. Kandahar hits hard today. North America.”

“I cannot thank you both enough. Ric for bringing me on board this journey. And Mr. Gerard Butler, for all things notorious on and off camera… (and much more) and to the entire crew of Kandahar on sets and off sets. You people are the real heroes”.

Ali Fazal shares bts pics of Kandhar with Gerard Butler

While talking about the film, Ali once said: “I am very excited with this development. A release that wide in US alone is massive and being an action spy thriller, there is a wide audience for the film.”

“A wide release coupled with a major weekend in the US, I’m hoping for this to be a banger. The film has all the elements to be a complete entertainer.”

Kandhar received positive reviews internationally. According to LA Times, Ali Fazal's performance is a standout in the movie. The film will most likely release in India anytime soon, reports News 18.