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Shah Rukh Khan shares dramatic story of his and Gauri Khan's marriage

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Shah Rukh Khan reveals that Gauri Khans parents were not in support of her marriage with him
Shah Rukh Khan reveals that Gauri Khan's parents were not in support of her marriage with him

Shah Rukh Khan has shared his dramatic marriage story in an interview.

SRK revealed that before marriage, he faced opposition from Gauri’s family and later after marriage he faced backlash from some religious institutions for marrying a girl outside his religion.

The Pathaan actor, while talking to BBC, admitted that if he had been in place of Gauri’s parents, he would also have opposed and stopped his daughter to marry a guy like him.

As per News 18, SRK said: “Now I look ok, I wear a suit and my hair is combed back. But at that time, I had hair all over here (pointing towards his forehead) and I was from a different religion. I wanted to be an actor.”

“So, with this combination, if somebody came up to me and if I had a daughter and they said, ‘See my head is like this, I am from a different religion, and I want to be a film star’, I would say, ‘Just pack your bags and get out of the house before I kick you out’.

He remarked: “So, I think they were completely right in not wanting their daughter to marry me.”

While speaking about the opposition after marriage, he added: “We had protests outside the house. Fortunately, I didn’t have a house in my name, so I had given a friend’s address.”

“Instead of throwing stones at me, they were throwing stones at him. My friend Sanjay was calling me saying, ‘They are throwing stones at my house’. That happened. So, we had to keep it (their marriage) a little under the wrap and get it done.”

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan tied the knot in 1991. Today, the duo is happily married having three children; Aryan, Suhana and AbRam.