Manoj Bajpayee reveals his reaction on being offered 'The Family Man'

Manoj Bajpayee was not willing to do 'The Family Man'

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Manoj Bajpayee reveals his reaction on being offered The Family Man

Manoj Bajpayee has finally revealed his reaction when he was offered show, The Family Man.

While talking about the same, Manoj shared: “I was like yaar, I have seen these web series, it’s all about (explitive), violence and thrill. I may not be interested. But he assured me that it’s a very different one. “

“Also, there was news that Akshay Khanna was doing this show, and since I do not like taking other actors’ work, I said if that’s true, even if I like the project, I will not do it”.

The Gangs of Wasseypur actor revealed how he got sold to the character.

“But Mukesh was adamant that it was not the case and I went to meet them the next day. With the 20 minutes of narration they gave, I was totally sold”, told Manoj.

“In that brief meeting, I could see myself becoming the character and also the kind of freedom I would get to play it the way I want to.”

“They sent me two episodes, and I loved it and started making notes. I think the character notes for Srikant Tiwari were the most I have made.”

“I would remember something, rush back to my notebook and pen it. I had even decided to not work for eight months and was working out a lot.”

The actor, while talking to Indian Express, also mentioned that his wife Shabana was also against him doing this web-series. For her, Manoj was ending his career by starring in it, reports News 18.

“So now, that became an issue with my wife (actor Shabana). She thought I was doing some kind of a serial and ask me what is this OTT. I told her that it’s different and she was like, ‘What is the need of money? Why are you ruining your career?”

“Everything is going well, why do you want to ruin it. I told her how shows like Narcos have become popular. ‘But eventually it’s a serial only na?’ she would tell me. I think she didn’t realise the strength and potential of OTT till she saw the first season of The Family Man.”

The Family Man was streamed on Amazon Prime. The show turned out to be a massive hit among the audience.