Messi announces to join Inter Miami, leaving PSG behind

Messi's former club FC Barcelona conveyed best wishes to him and expressed intention to honour him with a tribute

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Messi announces to join Inter Miami, leaving PSG behind. AFP/File
Messi announces to join Inter Miami, leaving PSG behind. AFP/File 

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest football players of all time, has announced that he will be joining Major League Soccer (MLS) team Inter Miami. 

The decision comes after Messi's departure from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he spent the last two seasons after leaving Barcelona in 2021. Despite the possibility of returning to Barcelona or securing a lucrative deal in Saudi Arabia, Messi has chosen to embark on a new adventure in the United States.

Messi explained that he wanted to avoid waiting for Barcelona to find a way to sign him due to the club's financial constraints. His tearful departure from Barcelona before joining PSG made him fearful of a similar situation arising. Therefore, he has decided to join Inter Miami, seeking a league with fewer demands and less intense scrutiny. He expressed his desire to experience football in a different way and enjoy a more relaxed daily life while still maintaining his competitiveness and hunger for success.

The news of Messi's move to MLS has been eagerly anticipated by fans and the football world. Inter Miami, co-owned by former England international David Beckham, is excited to have one of the sport's greatest players joining their team. Although the deal is not yet finalised, both Messi's representatives and the league are optimistic about the move.

In the midst of this transition, FC Barcelona has released a statement expressing their well wishes to Messi for his future endeavours. The club's president, Joan Laporta, and Messi's father, Jorge Messi, have also agreed to collaborate in organising a proper tribute from Barcelona fans to honour their beloved footballer. This tribute aims to recognise Messi's immense contributions to the club throughout his career.

Lionel Messi has decided to continue his football journey by joining Inter Miami in Major League Soccer. He has chosen this path to escape the pressures of European football and focus more on his family. FC Barcelona has conveyed their best wishes to Messi and expressed their intention to honour him with a tribute. 

This move has generated significant interest and excitement, as Messi's presence in MLS is expected to attract more viewers to the league and provide a new chapter in his illustrious career.