Sunday, September 17, 2023
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WATCH: US Open winner Coco Gauff shows off groovy moves with family on TikTok

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A compilation of US Open champion Coco Gauff showing off her groove with family.

Following her historic victory at the 2023 US Open, Coco Gauff not only proved to be an outstanding tennis player but also a phenomenal dancer who enjoys having a good time with family and friends.

The 19-year-old athlete was seen doing a happy dance on the tennis court in July along with her mother in the audience who joined her celebration to show support.

Coco has also uploaded some entertaining videos on TikTok, including one with her parents in which she is seen showing them how to perform a viral dance.

Since 2021, Gauff, who is the record-holder for the youngest US player to win the US Open title since Serena Williams in 1999, has shared videos with a similar theme, including one in which she is decked out as Scooby-Doo character Velma and Wanda from Marvel.

The US Open champion is active on social media and frequently shares her best moments with her fans on TikTok, including her most recent success.

She recently shared a video of herself holding her award and donning an all-pink outfit as she celebrated the amazing accolade.

She demonstrated some of her favourite looks in addition to showing off her dance moves and tennis drills. Back in August, she displayed her best poses while donning a gorgeous yellow sleeveless satin dress, gold earrings, and a natural makeup look.

“We love you queen,” one person wrote, while someone else commented, “Gorgeous and talented.”

Other online users also praised her for her success and encouraged her to continue her journey, “So happy for you, pure talent!” someone added, “So humble and talented go Coco.”