Kate Middleton decides to make situation worse for herself

The Princess of Wales sending William alone to the US and Asia

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Kate  Middleton would not be accompanying her husband Prince William in November for the final of the Earthshot Prize, according to a report.

The report in the Daily Mail said, "No specific reason has been confirmed for why Kate is not expected to attend, but some have speculated that it may be due to her parenting duties."

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are considered the most popular members of the British royal family, have recently received backlash for multiple reasons.

As long as Kate and William continue to work, keep their engagement number high, and make tangible contributions, the couple's fans remain indifferent to what is said about them in the media.

But Kate's decision to send William alone to the US and then to Asia is likely to anger Britons who are loyal to King Charles and often accused the Prince and Princess of Wales of upstaging the monarch and Queen Camilla with their PR strategy.

Kate Middleton was recently criticized for failing to convince her husband to attend the final of the Women's Football World Cup.