Lionel Messi receives mass trolling for his controversial pizza choice

“Is this even a pizza?” social media called out Lionel Messi

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Lionel Messi and his favourite pizza. — Twitter @goal
Lionel Messi and his favourite pizza. — Twitter @goal

Lionel Messi, the football star who transformed the game for Inter Miami, was recently mocked for purchasing the "worst pizza ever seen", after some excellent but exhausting performances this season.

The football star, who racked up five goals and 11 assists in just 11 outings, decided to reward himself with a dinner that brought back memories of his childhood.

However, as soon as he shared his sentimental lunch with fans, it quickly became the target of internet trolling.

As he visited the Argentine pizzeria Banchero Miami, for what did not seem like a pizza but maybe a nice pie, Messi shared a photo of the "classic pizza," fans seemed to be frightened by the sight of the dish.

It looked more like a dish prepared in a healthy eating class than a fried wheel of dough dripping with cheese and pork.

The small base was covered entirely in tomato slices, as well as olives and onions, The Sun reported.

And supporters were quick to label Messi’s dinner the “worst pizza ever seen.”

One said, “I can’t call it a pizza… this is a crime on food.”

Another declared, “Who eats that bro.”

One noted, “Alien food.”

Another added, “Is this even a pizza?”

Messi's dubious reward came after he missed Tuesday's 3-0 victory over Bolivia.

In the previous 1-0 win over Ecuador, he provided the game's lone goal. However, since he did not go with the team, fans will have to do without him for this evening's MLS match against Atlanta.