Hackers threaten Kate Middleton’s medical records

A team of hackers that have taken on the medical archives of a private hospital have just threatened to leak it all

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Hackers have just made shocking moves against the Royal Family by threatening to release private medical information about the future Queen of England, after the hospital, she received treatment in, got targeted.

The entire gang took over the medical records of the team at King Edward VII's Hospital and have demanded over £300,000 in bitcoin for its release.

According to the Daily Mail, their statement following the hack reads, “Unique files are presented to your attention! Data from the Royal Family! A large amount of patient and employee data. Sale in one lot!!”

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For those unversed, the documents that are being held at ransom include X-rays, registration forms, clinical notes as well as pathology forms, among other things.

The Royal Family have used the hospital services for more than a century at this point.

Even the late Queen Elizabeth was a patient at its facility, including her husband Prince Philip, who had a long stint at the hospital before his passing in 2021.

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Other royals who have received treatment there in the past include the Princess of Wales as well.

Another medical leak has also happened in the past, and it was when an Australian DJ called the hospital and provided details of the then-Duchess’ health, only to be forced into an apology later on.