Several female actors fiancés' told them not to work with me: Aagha Ali

Aagha also revealed that he was also banned from working in Lahore some years ago

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Pakistani actor Aagha Ali. — Instagram/@aaghaaliofficial
Pakistani actor Aagha Ali. — Instagram/@aaghaaliofficial

Pakistani actor Aagha Ali recently made a revelation about his work life, saying that some of the female actors were not allowed to work with him as their fiancés would not give them permission. 

Speaking during Geo News programme "Hasna Mana Hai", Aagha said that it has happened a lot of times that the fiancés of female actors did not allow them to work with him on the same project. 

"Back in 2016-2017, every time I would sign a drama, I would get a call by a producer asking if I had a beef with a particular actress. I told [the producer] that I have never even met her. After this the producer would ask me if I had a fight with her fiancé, at which I told him that I don't even know who her fiancé is," said the 38-year-old actor. 

Aagha also said that one time, the producer had told that one of the actor's fiancés had told her to not work with him as he was "afraid of you".

"I also talked to two of the fiancés on call and a boyfriend of one of the actors who had forbidden her to work with me," he said during the show. 

"One time, Humayun Saeed asked me 'what do you do that the fiancés don't let them work with you' to which I replied 'If there's any issue arising because of me in the production, then I can back off'," he recalled. 

"I thought that people perceive me as the characters I play because I don't have much of a social life as well," he added. 

The actor also said that he was banned to work in Lahore some years ago because he had replied to a producer harshly, adding that the producer also dropped him from the project which he had already signed. 

"After this I was banned and then I decided [to come] to Karachi on the advice of a friend," he said.