Indonesian footballer Septian Raharja dies after lightning strike during match

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Septian Raharja died at the age of 34. — IG/FBI_Subang
Septian Raharja died at the age of 34. — IG/FBI_Subang

Tragedy struck the football community in Indonesia last week as 34-year-old Indonesian footballer Septian Raharja lost his life after being struck by lightning during a friendly match. 

Raharja, who played for Football Boss Indonesia (FBI) Subang, was on the pitch at Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung when the incident occurred.

A chilling video circulating on social media captured the moment Raharja was struck by lightning, causing him to collapse on the ground. Another player, standing nearby, also fell after the impact. The sudden and tragic event prompted some players to flee the field, while Raharja's teammate rushed to assist.

According to reports from Indonesian news outlet PRFM news, Raharja was alive immediately after the lightning strike around 3:30 pm. Despite being less than a kilometre away from the hospital, his condition deteriorated on the way, and he was declared dead upon arrival.

Raharja's opponent, identified as GJ, described the weather conditions during the match, stating, "It was hot at the start of the game, but it was already raining in the south and east. It was still hot on the field. That’s why we dared to play." GJ revealed that Raharja's leg showed signs of burning, and a scar was visible on his chest.

Football Boss Indonesia (FBI) Subang paid tribute to Raharja by sharing a photo on their Instagram account, accompanied by a flower emoji and the date of his passing. The football community, including former Indonesian national team striker Cristian Gonzales, expressed condolences for the loss. Another team affiliated with the FBI observed a moment of silence to honour Septian Raharja.

This tragic incident in Indonesia echoes a similar event nearly two decades ago in Singapore. In March 2004, Jiang Tao, an 18-year-old player from the now-defunct Chinese S-League club Sinchi FC, lost his life after being struck by lightning during training at Jurong Stadium, which has since been demolished.