Rhea Ripley: Why is 'Mami' top wrestler to reckon with?

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Rhea Ripley gestures during a game. — X/File
Rhea Ripley gestures during a game. — X/File

Rhea Ripley sat inside the SUV after putting her belongings inside the car as she was set to take in the boxing match before catching a flight later that day.

Earlier in the day at T-Mobile Arena, she had been face-to-face with Becky Lynch and had just worked the audience into a frenzy at the WrestleMania XL kick-off, a free fan event where Big E and CM Punk provided commentary while WWE capitalised on Super Bowl week with its biggest talents, according to ESPN.

Ripley plays the heel in this pair, but that's beside the point. As she brooded around the platform, her powerful body and larger-than-life personality cutting an imposing figure, fans bombarded her with "Ma-mi" screams.

Taking part in the Judgement Day, collaborating with Dominik Mysterio, and developing the "Mami" persona all contributed to Ripley's rise to prominence in the WWE.

Additionally, Ripley received a pop comparable to that of Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and WWE Hall of Famer Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, demonstrating that her fame goes beyond even her position as the women's World champion.

The 27-year-old Ripley has triumphed in squash contests against males, such as her match against Akira Tozawa on "Raw." As the leader of one of the biggest groups in wrestling, she not only stars in high-profile matches but is also one of the faces of WWE.

The sarcastic look that appears on her face after using her signature move, Riptide, on someone, or the way she smiles menacingly when submitting someone with a head scissors move. 

Ripley's work is notable whether she's with boys or girls. And it has been that way since she joined NXT in 2017 after moving from Australia's independent circuit.