'Bridgerton' designer shares new insights into Polin's coordinating looks

Netflix ‘Bridgerton's' season 3 has been branded as the ‘sauciest' season

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Photo: Bridgerton designer shares new insights into Polins coordinating looks
Photo: 'Bridgerton' designer shares new insights into Polin's coordinating looks

While fans are eagerly waiting for the third season of Netflix’s most streamed English show, Bridgerton, the costume designer, John Glaser, recently had a chat with British Vogue

In this chat, he touched on the new fashion statements of season three’s lead couple Polin and the Queen’s motorized Swan-lake themed wig.

Spilling the beans on the Polin’s, Penelope and Colin’s, new 'coordinating' attires, he admitted, “There is definitely some coordination. We don’t like people to match, but it has to be pleasant to the eye and work with the scenery.”

“You just can’t do it too much or it looks fake, but we do put a lot of thought into that process,” he also noted.

When asked about the highly infamous wig, he mentioned, “So, that wig was of course created by our hair and make-up designer Erika [Ökvist], adding, “We were working on a scene with a ballet, and we thought it’d be fabulous to reference Swan Lake.

The designer also explained, “Because the Queen’s sitting in her box and it’s her ball, so she’d want something pretty spectacular.”

He even recalled, “What Erika came up with was great, and we followed suit with our costume which is covered in little feathers. All the Queen’s wigs are incredible, and it was like, ‘How can we top this?’”

“And the answer was with a wig that required a motor hooked up to a battery pack!” John remarked before moving to another topic.