Kim Kardashian reacts to Taylor Swift's diss track

Kim Kardashian appeared for a confessional right after Taylor Swift’s diss track rumours

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Photo: Kim Kardashian reacts to Taylor Swift’s diss track
Photo: Kim Kardashian reacts to Taylor Swift’s diss track

Kim Kardashian has finally broken silence following the alleged jibes of Travis Kelce’s girl Taylor Swift.

As fans will know, the Eras Tour hitmaker recently reignited years old feud with Kanye West’s former wife Kim Kardashian by releasing an alleged diss track thanK you aIMee in her 11th studio album The Tortured Poet’s Department.

However, the SKIMS founder remained tight lipped until 22nd April 2024 when her latest chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In this chat, Kim Kardashian discussed some bizarre rumours related to her herself ahead of the release of the season finale of American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2, her recent gig with Emma Roberts.

During the show’s opening monologue, Jimmy hinted at the diss track rumours stating that several of Kim's fans have made some speculations about her but did not lead the chat in that direction as he mentioned, "I have some things that are kind of interesting I want to run by you and you tell me if they’re true or false."

Jimmy, then, asked that people believe that "you blow dry your jewellery before you put it on?"

The TV star admitted, "Very true,” reasoning, “Because I hate being freezing and when you put on cold jewelry or like anything with a zipper.”

“I just need it warm and then put it on. Or just like a mesh metal dress. Anything that’s like a chain mail," she added.

During this segment, the mother of four added that she sleeps with her "eyes slightly open," after which she moved to another topic.