Drew Barrymore reveals childhood imaginary friend

Drew Barrymore opens up about her childhood imaginary friend that she once worked with

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Drew Barrymore reveals childhood imaginary friend 

For Drew Barrymore, E.T. was her imaginary friend—an alien character who was featured in Steven Spielberg's hit film in 1982.

In a chat with People, the 49-year-old, who was seven at the age of the film in which she starred, said, "I remember E.T. like it was yesterday, funny enough."

It comes as the team of forthcoming film IF was on her show promoting their movie, which is about a girl that can see everyone's imaginary friends.

To which Drew shared hers. "I think E.T. was definitely, sort of, my first imaginary friend that I also knew wasn't real." 

She continued, "I fully understood, but I think we need to project a matter of a belief system in things. Whether it's imaginary or very real and tangible."

"It's part of a survival mechanism, as well as just an absolute pleasure to identify things that make us feel good, that we feel like believe in us, like we believe in them."