Jessica Biel's $5 secret for preparing for the Met Ball

Jessica Biel has confessed to preparing her body for big events with just $5

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Jessica Biel shares how she prepared for the Met Gala 2024

Actress Jessica Biel has unveiled her budget-friendly regimen to tackle the challenges of aging while maintaining a hectic schedule. 

With sore muscles threatening to derail her plans, Biel recently shared her go-to solution that costs no more than $5.

In a candid confession, Biel admits to relying on epsom salt baths to alleviate muscle tension and ensure a restful night's sleep, essential for navigating high-profile events like the Met Ball.

"Epsom salt baths is a tool I love and use for all things," Biel told People after her TikTok video went viral, emphasising its efficacy in soothing sore muscles, promoting relaxation, and boosting confidence.

“Epsom salt baths is a tool I love and use for all things, after traveling, sore muscles, of course, magnesium, absolutely, to sleep well, to de-stress, to, you know, just feel confident in your body to go to a big event like the Met Ball, which is what I was utilising it for,” she added.

In a viral TikTok video, Biel demonstrates her ritual by pouring four bags of pure epsom salt into a steaming bath, immersing herself for a luxurious 30-minute soak. Hydration is key, she advises, recommending ample water consumption before retiring early to solidify the rejuvenating effects.

Epsom salts are popular because they are made of pure magnesium sulfate crystals. This compound, when swallowed, can ease achy muscles and help with constipation. However, there's no strong evidence that it can do the same when added to a bath.

For those seeking further insights into Biel's Met Gala preparations, the actor also shared a brief 'get ready with me' video on Instagram.