Olivia Rodrigo almost flashes her Guts tour crowd

Olivia Rodrigo makes light of wardrobe mishap during London stop of her 'Guts' tour

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Olivia Rodrigo was performance on her hit Love Is Embarrassing track at the London stop of her GUTS Tour when she faced a wardrobe malfunction. 

The scene got captured in a viral video where the back of her crop top unexpectedly came undone.

Despite the hiccup, Rodrigo remained composed, continuing to sing as she secured the top with one hand while holding her microphone with the other. A background dancer immediately attempted to fasten the top mid-performance.

Rodrigo humorously acknowledged the mishap, quipping to the audience, "This is f***** embarrassing. I almost flashed you guys, but it's okay now!"

Known for her witty interactions with fans, Rodrigo recently encountered another viral moment when a fan mistakenly tattooed the lyrics of her song Hope Ur OK as "butterwings" instead of "butterfly wings."

In the caption, she asks Rodrigo to change the lyric so her tattoo is correct.

Upon seeing the video, Rodrigo playfully suggested making the typo the new lyric.

the 21-year-old singer instantly made the fan feel better as he commented, “HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG THIS IS THE NEW LYRIC IM CHANGING IT TO BUTTERWINGS.”

Flemming says she can’t believe Rodrigo saw the video, let alone responded.